The road to goals and strategies

The goals and strategies for the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy was adopted byt the Board of the Disciplinary Domain on 21 April 2021, but the road there began as early as in August 2020.

Tidplan för arbetet med mål och strategier

Timetable for developing the goals and visions

  1. Augusti 2020: The Board of the Disciplinary Domain decided on how to develop the goals and visions of the disciplinary domain.
  2. September 2020: The Executive Committee of the Board of the Disciplinary Domain appointed three working groups. A facilitator was hired to lead us in the process. The working groups were formed and started with a training day and kick-off on 25 September.

    Watch a movie about the kick-off
  3. October 2020: Four workshops for the entire disciplinary domain were held on 5 and 6 October.

    Watch a movie about the workshops
  4. November 2020: The working groups gathered and processed the results from the workshops to develop concrete proposals for goals and strategies.
  5. January 2021: The working groups conducted five digital seminars for the entire disciplinary domain.
  6. February 2021: The working groups and project management gathered for a digital meeting school to reconcile the proposals into a joint draft proposal for goals and strategies.
  7. March 2021: The draft proposal of goals and strategies was referred to the disciplinary domain for comments. In connection with this, three information meetings were held on the proposal.
  8. April 2021: The Board of the Disciplinary Domain adopted the goals and strategies on 21 April.
  9. May 2021: The Board of the Disciplinary Domain reported the final result to the Vice-Chancellor on 3 May.
  10. May 2021: The task of disseminating and implementing our goals and strategies commenced.

Voices on the September kick-off

Voices on the October workshops

The drafts from the working groups

The three thematic working groups presented proposals for each theme based on what the disciplinary domain came up with during the workshops.

They presented the proposals separately at seminars and on the web and invited all those active at the Disciplinary Domain to submit their opinions. Based on these opinions, the working groups worked over the proposals twice and then reconciled them into a joint proposal for Goals and visions for the disciplinary domain.

Research and research training



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