Working group for research and third-cycle education

Formulating the mission, goals and strategies of Medfarm was carried out in three thematic working groups. The group for research and third-cycle (doctoral) education worked, among other things, on issues concerning research funding, conditions for postgraduate education and research collaboration.

The group was lead by Dean Karin Forsberg Nilsson.

The work is now finished.

Proposal for goals and strategies


  • Karin Forsberg Nilsson        
  • Krister Halldin        
  • Anna Lindberg        
  • Per Artursson        
  • Mikael Hedeland
  • Ingrid Glimelius        
  • Tove Fall        
  • Joachim Burman
  • Alkistis Skalkidou
  • Ulf Landegren
  • Kerstin Lindblad-Toh
  • Mia Phillipson
  • En student (vakant)
Last modified: 2021-02-19