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Vision: Medfarm

A new vision, new goals and new strategies! The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy has defined new goals and strategies that will be effective until 2026. Become part of the work to realise the goals so we can achieve our vision:

"The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, through research, education, development and innovation of the highest quality, contributes to better health and a better society"

Goals and strategies finalised

On Wednesday 21 April 2021, the Disciplinary Domain Board of Medicine and Pharmacy finalised Vision:Medfarm – Implementation of Goals and Strategies at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Goals and strategies


Download and read the entire presentation Vision:Medfarm.


Resource Allocation Inquiry

A recurring point of view raised during the work on Vision:Medfarm was to investigate the allocation of resources to ensure that it provides incentives for the disciplinary domain to move towards the vision.

The Disciplinary Domain Board appointed a resource allocation inquiry. On Monday, 31 October, after almost eight months of work, it was sent for referral to the disciplinary domain, Region Uppsala, Uppsala University Hospital, the student unions and the university administration.

The referral must be answered according to the instructions and received by the disciplinary domain by Tuesday, 14 February 2023, at 16.00.

Download the inquiry with appendices (in Swedish)
Download the referral (in Swedish)

What is Vision:Medfarm?

Vice-Rector Mats Larhed presents Vision:Medfarm. In the film, he goes through the disciplinary domain’s vision, mission and five main goals until the year 2026. He also describes how the main goals connect with sub-goals, initiatives and indicators.

The film is in Swedish but both Swedish and English subtitles are available.

A long road to goals and strategies

Vision:Medfarm – implementation of goals and strategies at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine of Pharmacy. How did the disciplinary domain create inclusive processes that would make as many people as possible feel included?

The film is in Swedish but both Swedish and English subtitles are available.

We have a vision

Mats Larhed
Vice-Rector Mats Larhed

“A lot is happening at the disciplinary domain and we're developing fast. To be able to feel in control and to feel motivated in our work, a vision is needed... ”

This is how our journey began in 2020, a journey to make Uppsala University's goals and strategies our own. In 2021, we completed the assignment and now the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy has its own sharp strategy: Vision:Medfarm.

It is pleasing to see that so many have participated in the process. Now we can all continue to get involved in this important work, as no strategy is better than its implementation. Implementing a strategy is about getting people to cooperate to achieve results together. I hope that our clear goals will spur us on in our ambitions.

It is my hope that Vision: Medfarm will provide both inspiration and guidance for all employees, students and partners in the coming years.

Last modified: 2023-01-18