Create the future of the disciplinary domain

Where is the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy headed? How can we ensure the quality of our research and education? How do we attract the best researchers, teachers and students? Now you have the opportunity to make your voice heard, when we work with the mission, goals and strategies during 2020–2021.

By request of the Vice-Chancellor

The University Board has set the mission, goals and strategies for Uppsala University and the Vice-Chancellor has commissioned the boards of the disciplinary domains to implement them within each organisation respectivelly. The disciplinary domains shall produce strategic plans, indicators and timed target figures linked to the development targets. The boards will then report them to the Vice-Chancellor.

Nothing is more important

In order to get the best possible results, it is crucial that as many people as possible can participate and express their points of view. Therefore, the Board of the Disciplinary Domain invites everyone who is active at the disciplinary domain to participate in one or more of four half-day workshops on 5 and 6 October.

Your voice is important and your experience is needed. Register today as the number of places is limited, not least because the events are of course corona-adapted.

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A vision is needed

Mats Larhed
Vice-Rector Mats Larhed

“We have a great opportunity to influence how we want the vision of Medfarm to be formulated, and it will affect our everyday lives for a long time to come.

We’re planning for a work process that includes a lot of creative elements and opportunities for everyone to have a say. Here it's important to raise our sights and to see to the best for both Uppsala University as a whole and for Medfarm.

There's a lot happening at the disciplinary domain and we're developing fast. To be able to feel in control and to feel motivation in our work, a vision is needed. Now, we can all get involved in formulating the future of Medfarm. This is one of Medfarm's most important assignments in 2020–21.”

Timetable for the work process at Medfarm

Timetable for the work process at Medfarm

  1. Training day for the working groups that have been formed on the themes of research and research training, first and second cycle education and organisation.
  2. Workshops for the entire disciplinary domain 5 and 6 October, led by a professional facilitator.
  3. In-depth workshops for the entire disciplinary domain, led by the working groups and based on their respective themes.
  4. The working groups gather and process the results from the workshops, and work out concrete proposals for mission, goals and strategies for the disciplinary domain.
  5. The overall proposal is sent for consultation to all stakeholders at the disciplinary domain, such as departments, committees and student’s unions, to gather reactions and points of view.
  6. The Board of the Disciplinary Domain decides on the disciplinary domain's mission, goals and strategies on 21 April.
  7. The Board of the Disciplinary Domain reports the final result to the Vice-Chancellor on 3 May.
  8. The work of implementing our mission, goals and strategies begins.