Forskningsinfrastruktur som omnämns i underlaget

Forskningsinfrastrukturer som omnämns i utvärderingsunderlaget till Vetenskapsrådet.

Sequencing, genomics and genetic analysis

  1. SNP/SEQ genotyping and sequencing 
  2. Uppsala Genome Center
  3. Clinical Genomics
  4. Genomics Medicine Sweden
  5. Microbial single cell sequencing

Molecular Analysis and Precision Diagnostics

  1. Array and Analysis Platform
  2. Clinical Phenomics 
  3. Low Molecular Mass Spectrometry
  4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  5. Mass Spectrometry Proteomics
  6. Affinity Proteomics Uppsala
  7. Academic Laboratory 
  8. Uppsala Biobank Laboratory
  9. Glycosaminoglycan Structural Analysis Platform
  10. Swedish Metabolomics Centre (SLU)

In vivo and cellular models

  1. Hedenstierna laboratory (large animal facility)
  2. Center for Animal Research (CFV-UU)
  3. Uppsala University Behavioral Facility (UUBF)
  4. Biosafety Level 3 Lab (BSL3 lab)
  5. UU - SLU Collaborative Platform (U-Share)
  6. Excellence Of Diabetes Research in Sweden (EXODIAB)
  7. StemTherapy
  8. Genome Engineering Zebrafish National Facility 
  9. Human glioblastoma cell culture (HGCC) resource 
  10. Clinical Diabetes and Metabolism laboratory


  1. Biological Visualisation Platform (BioVis)
  2. Spatial Mass Spectrometry
  3. PET-MRI
  4. Uppsala University 3D Printing Facility for Life Science (U -Print) 
  5. Preclinical PET-MRI Platform (PPP)
  6. PET-CT Scanners
  7. Ultrasound system for patient evaluation, monitoring and clinical research
  8. Cryo-Electron Microscopy
  9. National Microscopy Infrastructure (NMI), EuroBioImaging
  10. Scanning Electron Microscopy 

Radiation therapy and research

  1. Preclinical Cancer Treatment Center (PCTC)
  2. MRI-Linac for radiation treatment
  3. The Skandion Clinic – Nordic center for proton beam therapy
  4. Cell radiation facility Best Theratronics Gammacell 40 Exactor

Clinical Study design, support and management 

  1. Uppsala Clinical Research Centre (UCR)
  2. European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine (EATRIS.SE), EATRIS-ERIC
  3. Clinical Research and Development Unit (KFUE)
  4. The Epi Hub
  5. Uppsala University Psychosocial Care Programme (U-CARE)
  6. Body Composition and Nutrition Laboratories
  7. R&D-platform at Burn and Wound Centre
  8. Infrastructure for interdisciplinary and translational pain research (U-PAIN)
  9. Regional Centers for Clinical Research – Dalarna, Västerås, Sörmland, Gävleborg
  10. Clinical Studies Sweden: Regional node mid-Sweden

Analysis and storage of sensitive data, bioinformatics and data support

  1. National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS), ELIXIR
  2. Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC),  Including PRACE, NeIC
  3. Swedish National Data Service (SND)
  5. VESTA (GDPR compatible for sensitive data)
  6. SciLifeLab Data Centre
  7. Data Office Uppsala University
  8. AI4research

Biobanks and support

  1. Uppsala Biobank (UBB) holding 213 different sample collections
  2. Biobank Sweden (BiS) National Coordinator
  3. Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI-ERIC)

Cohort research infrastructures

  1. Uppsala-Umeå Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (U-CAN)
  2. Swedish Infrastructure for Medical Population-Based Life-Course and Environmental Research (SIMPLER)
  3. Epidemiology for Health (EpiHealth)
  4. Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study (SCAPIS)
  5. Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult Men (ULSAM)
  6. Prospective Investigation of Vasculature in Uppsala Seniors (PIVUS)
  7. Register-based resource for prostate cancer research (PCBaSe)
  9. Uppsala Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) cohort
  10. Sleep and Health in Women (SHE) & Sleep and Health in Men (SHM)

Drug discovery, development and delivery

  1. Drug Discovery and Development Platform (DDD)
  2. Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS)
  3. TESTA center (Testbed for bioprocess)
  4. SweDeliver, The Swedish Drug Delivery Center
  5. European Gram Negative AntiBacterial Engine – 2 (ENABLE) 
  6. Action on Antibiotic Resistance (ReAct)
  7. Uppsala Antibiotic Center (UAC)

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