To reach a high-quality clinical study output, researchers need methodological support.

Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR), with about 150 employees, is a leading clinical Academic Research Organisation (ARO) in Sweden, providing in-house expertise to academia and industry on all aspects of clinical research and improved healthcare. Their services include management of clinical and observational studies, biostatistics, clinical quality registries, biobanking, analysis of biomarkers, and clinical event adjudication.

UCR started in 2001 as a research centre at Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital to support qualified clinical research to improve health and healthcare practice. Its success is exemplified by 35 publications in the New England Journal of Medicine. UCR has a complete service package to initiate, plan, conduct, analyse, report and publish local investigator-initiated studies and international multicenter trials.

UCR was built to improve and support clinical research and quality assurance through our combined academic, clinical and technical expertise with employees experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect ranging from small studies and projects to large, global complex randomised clinical trials as well as registry-based randomised trials (R-RCTs).

KFUE and the Regional Centres for Clinical Research are similar to UCR but with a regional/local focus. Clinical Studies Sweden is an organisation to coordinate clinical research in Sweden, especially industry-sponsored RCTs. At the Epi Hub at Uppsala University, a total of 40 junior and senior researchers and statisticians gather to exchange experiences and methods in epidemiology.

Last modified: 2023-02-01