Local scholarships

The table below lists foundations that offer grants or scholarships in the Medfarm area. Calls for applications are generally announced by e-mail, at the time indicated in the table. Always check the announcement for the application deadline.

Name Topic Call opens
Ernfors family foundation Diabetes Feb
Gustaf Prim's Reumatikerstiftelse Rheumatic diseases, for PhD students Feb
Viking Olov Björk Applied biomaterial research Mar
Anna Cederberg's foundation Travel Mar
Zetterling's foundation Medicine Mar
Olav Thon's foundation Nordic projects in medicine Apr
Marcus Borgström's foundation and Hedström's foundation Human genetics Sep
Selander's foundation Cancer, cardiovascular disease Sep
Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg's foundation Oncological endocrinology at UU Sep
Märta Lundqvist's foundation Clinical research Okt
Linnéstiftelsen Young researchers Nov

Uppsala University also offers scholarships, they can be found on Scholarships. The following foundations might be of interest to the Medfarm community:

  • Lennander's
  • Selma Andersson's
  • EoR Börjeson's
  • GA Johansson's
  • Faculty of medicine in Uppsala foundation for psychiatric and neurological research
  • Olga Jönsson's
  • Jubelfeststip, med fak
  • Jubelfeststip, farm fak
  • Agnes och Mac Rudberg's
  • Swartz
  • Thuréus for geriatric research


Last modified: 2021-11-30