Research funding and support

As a researcher at Uppsala University, you can get support regarding research funding.

At the Research Support Unit at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, we can help you when you apply, administer, and report your research grants. We can also act as a link between researchers and management for those issues that require prioritisation and decisions at management level.
Read more about Swedish and international research funding at the Staff Portal.

Under the heading Additional support below, you can find information on for instance handling of research data, publishing, infrastructures and how to reach out with your research.


Logotype for Research ProfessionalResearch Professional

Research Professional (RP) is an international funding database where you can search for calls and other funding opportunities. You can also register an account and receive news notifications in your research area.

Funding agencies

Read a list of more than 100 Swedish and international funding agencies that support research in areas relevant for the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.


You can find calls from some major Swedish and international funding agencies in the Disciplinary Domain calendar.

Scholarships announced from by Medfarm Domain, or from Uppsala University.

Consultants for application support

If you need support when writing your application, you can engage one of the three companies that the University has framework agreements with. They can be found in the contract database. Go to Personal, then look for Consultants for applications support.

Newsletter on research funding

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Additional support

Here we have listed brief information about the University’s support that could be useful for you as a researcher.

Research data management

At the University you have access to University-common support for data management, for instance resources and support for storing, analysing, sharing and publishing research data. You can read more at the Staff Portal – Research data.

Research ethics and good research practice

As researcher at Uppsala University you have to be aware of research ethics and make sure that god research practice is maintained. In MP you can find information about ethical review of research concerning humans, and about permits for clinical trials and for research that includes animal experiments, radiation protection or biobanks. There you can also find research ethics guidelines and read about misconduct in research.

The Disciplinary Domain also hosts the Centre for Ethics and Bioethics (CRB).

Scientific publishing and Open access

Uppsala University Library provides support on Open access publishing and other publishing issues.

Communicate your research


As a researcher at the Discplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy you have access to advanced infrastructures that are supported by the Discplinary Domain.
You can also use the national infrastructures at SciLifeLab.

Registration of clinical trials

To publish the results from a clinical trial the study must be registered in an open registry. The registrations should be done by the sponsor of the study, or the person responsible for the trial. If you work at Uppsala University, or have performed a study sponsored by Uppsala University, you can register your study at
Read more about how to get a user name and register your study.

Export control in research

The University is obliged to have the requested permits in the case that the University exports, transfers or mediates controlled items with dual-use. Dual-use items include “items, including software and technology, produced for civil use that may also be used in the production of weapons of mass destruction or military equipment.”
More information about export control of dual-use items.

Research including genetic resourses

If your research includes genetic resources and/or accompanying traditional knowledge, it can be covered by the Nagoya protocol. This is an international agreement that regulates how the genetic resource is collected, how it is used in research and product development, and how profits should be shared.
More information in MP about the Nagoya protocol (header Genetic resources) and Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Language review and translation

If you need help with language review or translation you should engage a company that that the University has a framework agreement with. They are listed in the contract database.

Career support

In MP you can find information about career development and academic skills and development. There is also a programme with workshops and seminars on career and leadership and a list with  networks from which you can benefit for professional contact exchange.
You can also contact the Unit for career and leadership in academia.


Welcome to visit us at BMC, A2 corridor, on the gound floor

Head of unit

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European funding

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Swedish and American funding

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