Christel Bergström tilldelas Gattefossé Award for Excellence


Christel Bergström, forskare vid Uppsala universitets institution för farmaci, har av Gattefossé tilldelats 2018 North America Award for Excellence för sitt arbete.

Christel Bergström, Uppsala universitet

Gattefossé announces Christel Bergström as the winner of the 2018 Gattefossé North America Award for Excellence in Research & Development with Lipid Excipients.

Christel Bergström is recognized for her work including: modeling approaches to predict drug solubility in lipidic systems based on molecular structure; molecular interactions between drug, dosage form and the complex gastrointestinal  environment; the development of novel in-silico and in-vitro tools exploring rearrangement of lipoidal nanostructures and the impact of these nanostructures on drug solubilization, supersaturation and likelihood of precipitation in-vivo processes of importance for drug absorption; and cell-based lipolysis-absorption models that help assess the importance of the paracellular route for transient permeability enhancers.
– Our heartfelt congratulations to Professor Bergström for her achievements that have earned her this Award of Excellence, says Eric Brun, CEO, Gattefossé USA.

Christel Bergströms achievements will be recognized at an event in Washington, DC, where she will receive a commemoration plaque and an honorarium of $10.000.

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