Inauguration of Professors – a tradition and academic celebration

9 November 2022

New professors are installed in the University Grand Auditorium

New professors are installed in a solemn ceremony in the University Grand Auditorium.

Every autumn, Uppsala University holds an inauguration for new professors and adjunct professors. In a formal ceremony, they are installed in their posts by Rector Magnificus Anders Hagfeldt.

The Inauguration of Professors is an academic and public ceremony. This year the ceremony takes place on Friday, 18 November, at 15:00 in the Main University Building. Historically, it has its origins in the medieval university.

The term “installation” comes from the ritual of ushering a newly appointed cathedral priest, or Canon, to his seat in the choir stalls. Similarly, the Vice-Chancellor has symbolically installed professors by solemnly bringing them in procession to the cathedra and having them deliver a lecture during the ceremony. All professors employed at Uppsala University are installed at the same ceremony, but installation lectures are given according to faculty during the installation week.

Both the inauguration ceremony and the lectures are open to the public and can be viewed on-site in the University Grand Auditorium. No pre-registration is required for the lectures. Tickets for the installation can be picked up in the University Main Building’s lobby from 18 November at 13:00. It is also possible to watch the live broadcast of the inauguration via a digital link.

The following new professors at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy will give their inaugural lectures (in Swedish) on Thursday, 17 November.

  • Niklas Juth, Professor of Medical Ethics: Värderingar i vården: öppna och dolda. (Values in healthcare: overt and covert.)
  • Anna T. Höglund, Professor of Ethics and Gender Studies: Vem bryr sig? Perspektiv på omvårdnadens etik. (Who cares? Perspectives on the ethics of nursing.)
  • Tryggve Nevéus, Professor of Paediatrics: Varför kissar barn i sängen och vad kan vi göra åt det? (Why do children wet the bed, and what can we do about it?)
  • Dag Nyholm, Professor of Neurology: Att behandla Parkinsons sjukdom – från Nobelpriset till vardagslivet. (Treating Parkinson’s disease – from the Nobel Prize to everyday life.)
  • Peter Thelin Schmidt, Professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology: Sju meter liv – hälsa och ohälsa i mag-tarmkanalen. (Seven metres of life – health and ill health in the gastrointestinal tract.)
  • Maria Eriksson Svensson, Professor of Renal Medicine: Kronisk njursjukdom – orsaker och konsekvenser. (Chronic kidney disease – causes and consequences.)
  • Robert Bodén, Professor of Psychiatry: Att lindra psykisk sjukdom: från piller till magnetstimulering. (Relieving mental illness: from pills to magnetic stimulation.)
  • Josef Järhult, Professor of Infectious Diseases: Läkemedelsrester och resistensutveckling i människor, djur och miljö: ”One Health” – hur hänger allt ihop? (Drug residues and resistance development in humans, animals and the environment: "One Health" – how is it all connected?)
  • Stina Syvänen, Professor of Molecular Geriatrics: Bilder av den åldrande hjärnan med strålande tekniker. (Images of the ageing brain with radiant techniques.)