Göran Gustafsson lecture in medicine 2019

Professor Bernard Thorens of University of Lausanne, Switzerland, will give the Göran Gustafsson lecture in medicine 2019: Brain neuronal circuits controlling glucose homeostasis and feeding behavior.

Bernard Thorens, Professor, University of Lausanne

Professor Bernard Thorens conducts research on the molecular physiology of energy homeostasis at the Center for Integrative Genomics of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bernard Thorens graduated in biochemistry and obtained his PhD from the University of Geneva. Following postdoctoral training at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at MIT, Cambridge, USA, he returned to Switzerland to establish his own laboratory.

Professor Thorens is renowned for his pioneering work on glucose transporters and gluco-incretin receptors, which he initiated by the cloning and functional characterization of the GLUT2 transporter and the GLP-1 receptor in pancreatic beta-cells. These original discoveries were followed by continued cutting-edge research on different glucose sensing mechanisms and blood glucose control.

His present research focusses on how brain glucose-sensing neurons control glucose homeostasis via autonomic nervous effects on pancreatic alpha- and beta-cell function, as well as how these neurons determine feeding behaviour. His laboratory also investigates signalling pathways, which adapt beta-cell mass and function to gluco-incretin hormone action and metabolic stress with the aim to find novel targets for the treatment of diabetes.

The work of Professor Thorens has been recognised by several prestigious prizes.

Göran Gustafsson lecture in medicine 2019

Time  Thursday 12 September, 5PM
Venue  Uppsala University main building, Auditorium X (map)
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