Study councelling, student matters and programme-wide administration

Medarbetare på enheten för studentservice

Do you have questions concerning counselling for students, handling of student matters or program-wide administration of any other kind?

How can we help you?

We employ most, but not all, of the study counsellors who support the students at the disciplinary domain and also officers who provide administrative support with certain programme-wide issues.

Programme-wide administrative issues

You can contact us with certain programme-wide administrative issues. However, it works differently on different programmes. The best way to find the right contact information is to visit your programme page.

Book an appointment for study counselling

If you are a student who needs guidance or has questions about study breaks and credit transfers, you can book an appointment with us. Keep in mind, however, that each programme has specialised advisers and officers. Unfortunately, those who specialise in other programmes can not help you with your questions. Therefore, choose the programme you are attending.

Book an appointment

What do we do at Student service, pharmacy, medicine and care?

  • We offer study and career counselling.
  • We provide administrative support to the committees.
  • We work with student recruitment.
  • We help with events for students.
  • We constantly monitor and collaborate with the outside world.
Last modified: 2022-04-05