Research issues

Medarbetare på enhetn för forskningsstöd

Do you have any questions about or need help with research funding, research collaboration, infrastructures or anything else research related?

How can we help you?

We can help you with everything that has to do with research issues. If you do not see the exact question you need help with here, you can of course contact us anyway. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

Research funding

We can help you with information about research funding. We are experts on the regulations of the financiers and can help you with application support, for example with setup, budget and tactics.

Research funding and support

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Research collaboration

We can help you collaborate with other research actors from different sectors, both nationally and internationally.

Collaboration at Medfarm

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Research infrastructures

We can help you with information about local, national and international research infrastructures.

Research infrastructures

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What do we do at the Research support unit?

  • We provide support in matters relating to external research funding. We arrange information seminars and provide practical support in the application process, from project idea to application. We offer advice through the life cycle of a project.
  • We support the researchers, management and Research Infrastructure Committee in matters of prioritisation, funding and use of research infrastructures.
  • We are responsible for supporting the Collaboration Committee, where we are also represented.
  • We are also part of the group for coordination of collaboration support, which brings together officials from all over the university.
  • We coordinate and administer projects and centres.
  • We work with internationalisation, communication and advocacy work (lobbying).
Last modified: 2021-03-30