Goals of the Faculty Office

Our goal is to create the conditions for the disciplinary domain and the university to conduct first-class education and world-leading research for the greatest possible societal benefit.

Short-term goals for 2021

  • Support the development and implementation of the disciplinary domain’s new goals and strategies.
  • Begin the work on developing support for the disciplinary domain’s students.
  • Support the development of the 6-year Medical Programme.
  • Increase the application support for researchers seeking funding from Swedish funders.
  • Support the evaluation of clinical research.

Medium-term goals (3–5 years)

  • The departments and the faculty office work closely together to ensure that the disciplinary domain achieves its common goals.
  • New information and communication processes are established at the disciplinary domain and faculty office.
  • The disciplinary domain and the faculty office have introduced efficient, uniform and legally secure routines and processes for the exercise of public authority against individuals.
  • The faculty office units at the Biomedical Center (BMC) are gathered in a functional environment.
  • Cost-effective processes for managing research infrastructures and new domain-wide research initiatives have been introduced at Uppsala University.
  • The university administration has introduced coordinated function-wide support for the disciplinary domain.
Last modified: 2021-03-18