Promotions, finances, processes and communication

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Do you have any questions about teacher recruitments, admissions as docents or excellent teachers, promotions, the finances of the disciplinary domain, business planning or follow-ups, centre formations, consultations or communications?

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We support the disciplinary domain’s board, its preparatory and decision-making bodies and management. In addition, we help staff and others working at the departments of the disciplinary domain with information about ongoing cases and processes. If you do not see the exact question you need help with here, you can of course contact us anyway. You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page.


We process applications for docentures.

Apply to be appointed as docent

Ask about docentures

Excellent teachers

We process applications for Excellent Teacher. For questions about the application, please contact the assessment panel. For practical questions, please turn to the administrators.

Apply for Excellent Teacher

Ask about excellent teachers

Promotions to Professor and Senior Lecturer

We process promotions to Professor and Senior Lecturer.

Promotions to Professor or Senior Lecturer

Conferences and events

We help to carry out the disciplinary domain’s prioritised events, such as the Olof Rudbeck Day, honorary doctoral lectures or the Hallym-Uppsala Symposium.

Ask about Medfarm arrangements

Communications and information

We work with strategic communication and information dissemination at the domain level. We can help you plan your communication around issues related to the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy or find the right way to distribute information and news.

Ask about communications

Tell us about any news

What do we do at the Faculty support unit?

We work with

  • Financial administration, record keeping and archiving
  • Collaboration with the surrounding community and the hospital
  • Business planning and budget
  • Promotions and the recruitment of teachers
  • Docentures and Excellent Teachers
  • Management of premises changes
  • Referrals, agreements, requests and inquiries
  • The prioritised arrangements of the disciplinary domain
  • Communication support to the board and management of the disciplinary domain
Last modified: 2021-09-24