Faculty Office for Medicine and Pharmacy

At the Faculty Office for Medicine and Pharmacy, we provide support and service to students, management, researchers, teachers, technical and administrative staff as well as others active at our disciplinary domain. We also provide support and service to all our committees.

How can we help you?

Research issues

Do you have any questions about or need help with research funding, research collaboration, infrastructures or anything else research related?
The Research support unit can help you

Educational issues

Do you have any questions about decisions on education at the undergraduate level, advanced level and PhD level, or the internationalisation of education in medicine and pharmacy?
The Education support unit can help you

Study counselling, student matters and programme-wide administration

Do you have questions concerning counselling for students, handling of student matters or programme-wide administration of any other kind?
Student service, pharmacy, medicine and care can help you

IT tools, video, sound or photo

Do you have any questions about or need help with teaching online or recording videos, podcasts and lectures? Do you need help developing a pedagogical idea?
MedfarmDoIT can help you

Promotions, finances, processes or communication

Do you have any questions about teacher recruitments, admissions as docents or excellent teachers, promotions, the finances of the disciplinary domain, business planning or follow-ups, centre formations, consultations or communications?
The Faculty support unit can help you

What is the Faculty Office?

In this short movie, Administrative Director Tony Hansson gives you a quick overview of what the faculty office is, what we do and how we are organised.

How are we organised?

The Faculty Office for Medicine and Pharmacy consists of about 60 employees. We are organised into five units, which are lead by a head of unit with responsibility for the operations of the unit.

Tony Hansson is the Administrative Director for the Faculty Office.
Martin Wahlén is the Deputy Administrative Director.

What do we do and do we want to achieve?

We get most of our assignments from the Disciplinary Domain Board, but we work for the entire disciplinary domain. This means everything from handling daily matters or participating in the committees that prepare issues for the domain board to working with strategies for, among other things, research infrastructures or communications, or collaborating with, for example, the Uppsala Region.

Our goal

Our goal is to create conditions for the disciplinary domain and the university to conduct first-class education and world-leading research, for the greatest possible societal benefit.

That is what we want to achieve. In addition to that, we also have short-term and long-term goals to meet more specific needs.

Last modified: 2022-07-04