Bioscience seminar

  • Date: –09:45
  • Location: On zoom :
  • Lecturer: Bram Heijs; Assistant Professor & Head of MS Imaging at MS Imaging, Center for Proteomics & Metabolomics, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden (NL)
  • Organiser: Bioscience Seminar Team
  • Contact person: Anna Nilsson
  • Seminarium

Mass spectrometry imaging as a tool for spatial DYnamic MetabolOmics (DYMO)

One of the common limitations of metabolomics analyses of complex biological samples was the inability to assess cell-to-cell heterogeneity in the histological context of a tissue. The introduction mass spectrometry imaging-based technologies resolved this limitation and allows the study of the metabolome in its spatial context. The next frontier in spatial metabolomics is the spatial study of metabolic dynamics at the single-cell level. Through the combination of mass spectrometry imaging at subcellular spatial resolution with stable-isotope tracing we are now able to assess cell-type-specific changes in the dynamics of metabolism. This lecture will provide insights into the concepts underlying the technology, and examples of how spatial dynamic metabolomics (DYMO) can be exploited in biomedical research.

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