Improve your grant application to Vetenskapsrådet (for Medfarm researchers)

  • Date: –16:45
  • Location: Rudbecklaboratoriet Rudbecksalen, entréplan C11
  • Organiser: Enheten för forskningsstöd, Kansliet för medicin och farmaci
  • Contact person: Carin Marciszko
  • Seminarium

The Research Support Unit arranges a seminar for the researchers of Medfarm, where they will get hands-on advice for how to succeed with their grant application to Vetenskapsrådet.

On November 15th, the Research Support Unit at the Office for Medicine and Pharmacy arranges a seminar for the researchers of Medfarm. In the seminar, you will get hands-on advice on how to succeed with your grant application. You will also get tips from a VR reviewer and learn how to combine clinical and academic work in an advantageous way. Although the focus will be on applications to VR, much of the information and advice will be applicable to grant applications in general. The seminar is held in English.

Coffee will be served from kl. 14.45.

Seats are limited, so register early! Observe that the seminar is only open to Medfarm.

Use this link to register


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