Participate in hybrid symposium on Data-Driven Life Sciences

  • Date:
  • Location: Zoom
  • Lecturer: Welcome to a mini-symposium on data-driven evolution and biodiversity research on 8–9 September.
  • Organiser: SciLifeLab
  • Contact person: Petter Cronsten
  • Seminarium

The event is the first to be sponsored by the SciLifeLab & Wallenberg National Program for Data-Driven Life Science (DDLS) and is a hybrid symposium with participants on-site both in Gothenburg and via Zoom.

At the mini-symposium, the first group of DDLS fellows in evolution and biodiversity will present themselves and their research plans. There will be several inspiring keynote speeches, presentations of the Swedish infrastructure for data-driven research in evolution and biodiversity, and discussions on the future of the DDLS programme.

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