Half-Time Seminar: Novel methods for tackling antibiotic resistance - Praneeth Karempudi

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Biomedicinskt centrum, BMC C8:301
  • Lecturer: Praneeth Karempudi
  • Website
  • Organiser: Praneeth Karempudi
  • Contact person: Eva Garmendia
  • Phone: 018-471-4902
  • Halvtidsseminarium

Join us in this occasion to learn the progress that our PhD student Praneeth Karempudi has made on his projects.

Praneeth will present his PhD progress in this official half-time seminar, with review by a committee composed of Petter Ranefall, Ove Öhman, Sanna Koskiniemi, Maria Tenje, Magnus Johansson och Johan Elf.

You can join us on site, at BMC room C8:301, or online by Zoom at: https://bit.ly/Karempudi_halftime

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