This is PRåM


In late 2015, the disciplinary domain of medicine and pharmacy formed a pedagogic council (acronym PRåM). PRåM will act as an educational advisory body for undergraduate and graduate teaching; and also support in regards to pedagogic and subject didactic matters.

The council aims to have an overview of highly functioning pedagogic activities within the disciplinary domain; and to act as a conduit for good pedagogical ideas. The council’s mission also encompasses to initiate domain level development projects and strive for pedagogical innovation that is evidenced based.

A Link between teaching, learning and pedagogic research

PRåM acts as a link between teaching, learning and pedagogic research. The council informs about further education, available funds for projects and so forth for development of pedagogical activities and its effect on learning.

PRåM will have an important role in the new higher education quality assurance system. PRåM will inform about and follow up the Excellent Teachers initiative. PRåM will also act as a subject didactic node, which can take part in university networks and enhance sharing of experiences between the different disciplinary domains.

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