Combined pedagogical support at the disciplinary domain

The pedagogical node creates conditions for teachers to conduct first-class teaching.

The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy offers a wide range of support to you who teach. Contact us if you want to develop your teaching or develop as an educator. As a pedagogical node, we offer you comprehensive support.

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How can we help you?

Pedagogical collaboration and development

I would like help to

  • use the learning environment to activate students in the classroom;
  • develop as a teacher and become Excellent Teacher;
  • inspire and develop the students’ on-site learning.

PRåM can help you. Welcome!

I would like help to

  • get inspiration and support on how to develop my teaching;
  • develop my exam questions or examination tasks;
  • see how research on student learning can be used as a basis for my teaching planning.

The domain’s pedagogical developers can help you. Welcome!

Tailor-made systems

I would like help to

  • offer my students unique training exercises, which would improve learning and reduce cheating;
  • simplify a time-consuming administrative task with, for example, a web-based system;
  • develop a system where my students can practice identifying structures in tissue sections.

MedfarmDoIT can help you. Welcome!

Film and audio

I would like help to

  • make a film;
  • develop a MOOC or web training with system developers and educational developers;
  • concretise a film idea;
  • work with sound, photography, moving images, music, animation or graphics.

MedfarmDoIT can help you. Welcome!

In the Pedagogical Node, we create the conditions for you, who teach or are responsible for education, to provide first-class teaching based on scientific evidence. We foster the pedagogical development of the disciplinary domain and support those who want to turn their teaching ideas into reality. The initiative for the node was taken by the domain’s vice-deans for education.

The Pedagogical Council at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy (PRåM) is a pedagogical collaboration and development network. It consists of active faculty members from all programmes and departments in the field.

MedfarmDoIT is a support unit with domain-wide pedagogical developers, system developers, system administrators, media producers, as well as pedagogical developers working with the medical programme.

The Pedagogical Node brings together MedfarmDoIT, PRåM and pedagogical developers.
Last modified: 2022-12-02