Faculty meetings

Vice-Rector Mats Larhed invites you to the faculty meetings of the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. Welcome!

Next faculty meeting

When: Tuesday 14 February 2023, 15:30–17:00
Where: University Main Building, Lecture Hall IV
Zoom link: uu-se.zoom.us/j/64701998761

Please note that only those attending the meeting in person can ask questions or otherwise interact during the meeting.


  • Introduction
    Vice-Rector Mats Larhed
  • Up-to-date with the disciplinary domain
    Mats Larhed, Eva Tiensuu Janson, Karin Forsberg Nilsson, Mathias Hallberg
  • Uppsala Diabetes Centre
    Per-Ola Carlsson
  • New professors present themselves
    Danielle Friberg – Professor of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
    Gustaf Ljungman – Professor of Pediatrics
  • Research infrastructures in Medfarm and healthcare
    Karl Michaëlsson, Vice-Dean for Research Infrastructures
  • By-election to the Electoral Assembly
    (only those attending in person can vote)
    Lena Kjellén
  • The meeting ends
    Next meeting is Thursday 15 June, 2023

Upcoming meetings 

When: Thursday 15 June 2023, 15:30–17:00
Where: University Main Buillding
Other info: -

Minutes from previous meetings

About the faculty meetings

According to the curriculum U-55, all permanent academic teachers sat on the faculties' boards. With the 1977 higher education reform, it was decided that the faculty boards would only have representatives for the permanent academic teachers, instead of all teachers being included.

Therefore, the need arose for a meeting place for peer anchoring and conversation. That meeting place became the faculty meeting. At the medical and pharmaceutical faculties at Uppsala University, some tasks were transferred from the faculty boards to the faculty meetings. The most important was to appoint honorary doctorates.

In accordance with the definitions found in the Rules of Procedure for Uppsala University, all “academically qualified individuals” are called to the meetings. However, not everyone has the right to vote. There are certain rules about who has, that stipulates the requirements of the scope and duration of the employment. The others have the right to attend and express opinions. In addition to these, senior professors and staff at the domain offices are also called.

At the faculty meetings, current issues are discussed and new professors present themselves and their research. The meetings also appoint the Electoral Assembly of the disciplinary domain and appoint honorary doctorates.

From the Rules of Procedure

“The term ‘academically qualified individual’ means in this context a person who is

  • employed as a professor or
  • employed as a teacher or researcher when the position requires a doctoral degree or equivalent expertise.”
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