Apply to be appointed as docent

Instructions for applying to be appointed as Docent at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University can be found further down the page.

Docents are an integral part of the respective faculty's teaching staff

The Higher Education Ordinance does not contain any regulations on appointing docents. The unpaid docents are not employed by the University but are an integral part of the respective faculty's teaching staff, and whose task is to conduct both research and teaching. A docent must therefore have both scientific and pedagogical competence, as well as a sufficiently close connection with the field of science.

The docenture comes with rights and obligations

A docent has the right to conduct research linked to the disciplinary domain. The disciplinary domain has the right to require the docent’s participation in teaching, in supervision, on the board of examiners, as an expert, as a faculty opponent, and in working groups on research and education.

If it is useful for the faculty activities and if the applicant is qualified, admission will take place after the application. Admission at Uppsala University is not limited in time.


The Docenture Committee is a preparatory and advisory body to the Board of the Disciplinary Domain. The board makes the decision to appoint an applicant as a docent.

Meeting times of the Docenture Comittee

Appointed docents

See a compilation (in Swedish) of appointed docents at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy:

Apply for a docenture

Upload the application with attachments digitally in the university's e-recruitment system. Request a link from

Please note! The application must be received no later than fourteen days before the scheduled meeting of the Docenture Committee. See the meeting times on the Disciplinary Domain Calendar.

The application must contain

  • Connection to the disciplinary domain
  • CV
  • Publication list
  • Independence biography
  • Bibliometric compilation
  • Research plan
  • Own research grants
  • Peer assignments
  • Supervision
  • Previous educational activities

You must have completed educational courses corresponding to five weeks, including university pedagogy and supervision. You can find relevant courses at Uppsala University here.

Download application forms

Appendices to the application

Attach the following appendices to your application:

  • Your population registration certificate.
  • Certificate from a passed pedagogical basic course.
  • Certificates from other passed courses.
  • If applicable: Certificate of education for formal pedagogical education and application to be credited for a pedagogical course corresponding to five weeks.
  • Account of experience (according to template in Swedish)
  • Statement of the Head of Department/expert opinion (incl. suggestion on external expert)
  • Certificate from employer that they have read the application and support it. It must also be stated in a separate letter from the employer that they agree with your specification (see above).
  • For applications from clinical institutions, a report card with proposals for distribution of points must be attached (signed by the relevant heads of department).
  • When transferring: copy of docent (associate professor) certificate.
  • Articles as PDF’s.
Last modified: 2022-12-13