University Medical Board

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The University Medical Board (USS), is a joint body between Region Uppsala and Uppsala University for collaboration on the training of doctors, medical research and the development of healthcare. The collaboration is regulated by the regional ALF agreement and the university healthcare plan. The agreement and current plans are available at ALF.

The University Medical Board also collaborates on issues concerning other programmes that are common to the region and the university, such as the Nursing programmes, Midwifery programme and Physiotherapist programme.

The University Medical Board makes decisions on:

  • Common visions and goals
  • Common areas of development
  • Which healthcare units constitute university medical care
  • Collaboration with other regions
  • Redistribution of funds between education and research
  • Prioritisation and distribution of ALF compensation
  • Collaboration on funds in addition to the ALF compensation
  • Accounting and follow-up of the ALF compensation
  • Impact assessment for recalculation of the compensation

Representatives of REgion Uppsala

  • Andreas Scheutz, Research and Innovation Director
  • Stefan Olsson (M), Executive Member and Member of the Regional Executive Committee
  • Johan von Knorring, Regional Chief Executive
  • Helena Proos (S), Opposition Member and 2nd Vice Chair of the Regional Executive Committee
  • Malin Sjöberg Högrell (L), Executive Member and Alternate of the Regional Executive Committee
  • Marianne van Rooijen, Hospital Director of Uppsala University Hospital
  • Vivianne Macdisi (S), Opposition Member and Member of the Regional Executive Committee

The Regional Executive Committee appoints political members, and the Regional Chief Executive appoints members who are civil servants.

Representatives of Uppsala University

  • Anders Hagfeldt, Vice-Chancellor
  • Caroline Sjöberg, University Director
  • Eva Tiensuu Jansson, Deputy Vice-Rector
  • Karin Forsberg Nilsson, Dean
  • Mats Larhed, Vice-Rector
  • Matts Olovsson, Professor
  • Theodor Fors, student representative

The members are appointed by Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University for the period 2020-07-01–2023-06-31, except for the student representative, who is appointed by the students following the provisions of the Ordinance on Students' Unions (2009:769).

Adjunct to the board with the right to attend and express opinions

  • Martin Wahlén, Deputy Administrative Director, Uppsala University
  • Peter Stålberg, Director of Research at Uppsala University Hospital, Region Uppsala
  • Tony Hansson, Administrative Director, Uppsala University

Responsible officers

  • Jenny Carlsson, Faculty Officer, Uppsala University
  • Maria Gray, Administrator, Region Uppsala
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