University Medical Board Executive Committee

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The University Medical Board Executive Committee (USN) is a joint body between Region Uppsala’s administrative management and the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, in terms of collaboration on the training of doctors, medical research and the development of healthcare.

The task of the Executive Committee is to be a preparatory body for the University Medical Board (USS) and to decide on issues that Board delegates to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee decides on the distribution of central strategic funds, division and composition of university healthcare units and RD&T groups.

The task of the Executive Committee is to every year produce to the University Medical Board a basis for an operational plan (university healthcare plan) and to compile an economic and business-oriented account of how the ALF funds are used.

Representatives of Region Uppsala

  • Elham Rostami, Physician, Docent
  • Eva Larsson, Physician, Docent
  • Gustaf Ljungman, Physician, Senior Lecturer
  • Lena Ring, R&D Head Primary Care & Health, Adjunct Professor
  • Peter Stålberg, Director of Research at Uppsala University Hospital, Professor
  • Susann Järhult, Physician, Senior Lecturer

Representatives of Uppsala University

  • Eva Tiensuu Jansson, Professor, Deputy Vice-Rector
  • Fredrik Ahlsson, Senior Lecturer
  • Jan Eriksson, Professor
  • Karin Forsberg Nilsson, Professor, Dean
  • Matts Olovsson, Professor, Deputy Dean
  • Molly Rydahl, PhD student and student representative

The members are appointed by the University Medical Board for the period 2020-07-01–2023-06-31, except for the student representative, who is appointed by the students following the provisions of the Ordinance on Students' Unions (2009:769).

Adjunct to the board with the right to attend and express opinions

  • Senait Onwenu, controller Office for ALF, Region Uppsala
  • Pernilla Åsenlöf, Professor, Vice-Dean, Uppsala University
  • Martin Wahlén, Deputy Administrative Director, Uppsala University

Responsible officer

  • Anna Liljestam Hurtigh, Uppsala University Hospital, Region Uppsala
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