Undergraduate and Master’s Education Committee at the Faculty of Medicine

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Term: 2020-07-01–2023-06-30
(student representatives 2022-07-01–2023-06-30)

Undergraduate and Master’s Education Committee at the Faculty of Medicine (GRUNK) is an advisory and preparatory body for the Disciplinary Domain Board on issues related to the structure, organisation and quality of education at the undergraduate (first-cycle) and Master’s (second-cycle) levels at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Disciplinary Domain Board delegates some decisions to GRUNK.


  • Matts Olovsson, Deputy Dean, Professor, Chair
  • Madeleine Le Grevés, Professor, Biomedicine programme
  • Birgitta Tomkinson, Professor, Biomedical Laboratory Science programme
  • Henrik Johansson, Senior Lecturer, Physiotherapy programme
  • Monica Blom Johansson, Senior Lecturer, Speech and Language Pathology programme
  • Bertil Lindahl, Professor, Medicine programme
  • Mats Målqvist, Senior Lecturer, Master's programmes
  • Ulrika Pöder, Senior Lecturer, Nursing programmes
  • Tyra Zetterlind, Student representative, Biomedicine programme
  • Ella Fagerström, Student representative, Master's programmes
  • Emma Häggkvist, Student representative, Biomedical Laboratory Science programme
  • Andrea Niklasson, Student representative, Medicine programme
  • Julia Karström, Student representative, Nursing programmes
  • Vacant, Student representative, Physiotherapy programme
  • Oliver Lindström, Student representative, Speech and Language Pathology programme
  • Carina Ahlstedt, Uppsala Municipality
  • Christina Halford, Uppsala University Hospital
  • Jesper Hävermark, Region Uppsala

Adjunct members

  • Eva Thörnqvist, Lecturer, PRåM
  • Freja Avrin, Student Liaison Officer, Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala Student Union
  • Maria Borgestig, Project leader for the new Occupational Therapy programme

Responsible officer

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