Physiotherapy Programme Committe

Notices and minutes | Meeting times

Term: 2020-07-01 – 2023-06-30
(student representatives 2022-07-01 – 2023-06-30)


  • Henrik Johansson, Senior Lecturer, Chair
  • Charlotte Urell, Senior Lecturer, Vice Chair
  • Helena Igelström, Senior Lecturer
  • Karin Brocki, Senior Lecturer
  • Malin Lagerström, Senior Lecturer
  • Markus Sjöblom, Senior Lecturer
  • Gunilla Stenberg, Professor
  • Carina Ahlstedt, representative for Uppsala Municipality
  • Jesper Hävermark, representantive for Region Uppsala
  • Marie Hansson Björk, representantive for Uppsala University Hospital
  • Emilia Fromm, student representative
  • Hanna Andrén, student representative
  • Hanna Lundqvist, student representative

Right to attend and express opinions

  • Paula Eriksson, representantive for Region Dalarna
  • Helena Svedbom, representantive for Uppsala University Hospital

Responsible officer

Last modified: 2023-02-22