Collaboration Committee

The Collaboration Committee is an advisory and preparatory body for the Disciplinary Domain Board on issues related to collaboration. The committee

  • Prepares matters concerning cooperation before decisions on the board of the disciplinary domain
  • Follows Swedish and international development in collaboration
  • Implements the university's program and action plan for collaboration at the disciplinary domain
  • Continuously contributes to the exchange of knowledge and experience regarding collaboration at Uppsala University
  • Continuously contributes to the stimulation and development of the disciplinary domain’s work with and forms of collaboration
  • Works with Swedish and international networks for collaboration
  • Works on the evaluation of collaboration activities


  • Christel Bergström, Deputy Dean, Chair
  • Andy Browning, Collaboration Manager
  • Anna Rostedt Punga, Professor
  • Johan Wikström, Professor
  • Kristian Sandberg, Researcher
  • Marika Nestor, Senior Lecturer
  • Sara Mangsbo, Senior Lecturer
  • Quentin Laborde, PhD Student Representative

Responsible officer

Maria Ferletta
Research secretary
Office for Medicine and Pharmacy

Last modified: 2022-12-09