Lifelong learning

The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy has a lot to offer curious people of all ages. For primary and secondary schools, we can tailor study visits and events. We also have a wide range of appreciated contract educations.

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Primary and lower-secondary school

Book a visit with one of our talented students or researchers where students can invent their own medicines and build new drug molecules. Of course, the children can ask any question about medicines and illnesses. The activity is mainly for children in the primary school age.

Booking and information: Ruta Dahllöf, Study Councellor, Uppsala University


SciFest is Uppsala University's and SLU’s annual science festival with a wide range of workshops, shows, competitions, research meetings and lectures. At SciFest, curious people of all ages can get a taste of research in all fields of science. Many of the arrangers are students, young researchers and innovators who inspire other young people.

Glada barn som utför ett labbexperiment

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Upper-Secondary Schools

Let your students see how researchers and drug experts investigate the unique interplay between people, diseases, and drug molecules. Some of the issues we raise are:

  • How do medicines work?
  • How does the medicine find the headache?
  • How do you invent new medicines?
  • Why can't some deseases such as HIV be cured?
  • Is there science behind the development of ointments and tablets?
  • How does pharmaceutical science and drug research work in practice?

Our researchers give popular science lectures primarily addressed to the latter part of the Upper-Secondary School and the general public. We also offer guided tours in our laboratories and try-on activities.

Please contact us and we can plan a study visit that suits you, based on the opportunities of the day you want to visit us. For Upper-Secondary students, we also include information about our education and the opportunity to meet our pharmacy and receptionist students.

Booking and information: Ruta Dahllöf, study advisor, Uppsala University

Contract education

The Uppsala University Division for Contract Education offers many open education programmes in Medicine & Health Care. We also develop new training programmes to meet the needs of continuing development of healthcare professionals.

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Read more about Uppsala University’s open education programmes in medicine and healthcare (page in Swedish only)

Contact the Division for Contract Education if you have any thoughts or ideas on a training programmes.

Some programmes are managed by the respective department at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. If you are interested in these, please contact the appropriate department.