Hallym-Uppsala: an introduction

The collaboration between Uppsala University and Hallym University began in 2005. Behind the initiative are Kjell Öberg, Senior Professor at Uppsala University, and Yong-Sun Kim, Professor of Health & Biomedical Sciences, Hallym University. The collaboration between Hallym and Uppsala continues to generate scientific exchanges and is considered very important by the Republic of Korea.

The Hallym-Uppsala Symposium is a central part of the collaboration. The symposium is arranged alternately by the universities, and the subjects that have been in focus include antibiotics, medicine development, stem cells, regenerative medicine, and several other strong research areas at the two academies.

On Tuesday 18 September 2018, Uppsala University organised the 10th Uppsala-Hallym Symposium on the theme of Health and Disease in Women and Children. The symposium was opened by Chongsoo Kim, President of Hallym University, and Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University.

Last modified: 2021-09-07