Evaluation of the quality of clinical research

In 2022–2023, the quality of clinical research will be evaluated in the seven ALF regions in Sweden. This evaluation is essential for maintaining and developing our excellent clinical research. Furthermore, and a significant part of the ALF funding is dependent on the results of this evaluation.

As part of the evaluation, some clinically active researchers and PhD students will be selected by the Swedish Research Council to, in the spring of 2022, respond to a questionnaire about the research environment at the Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala University. The image these surveys will give the evaluators will form the basis for the evaluation results.

Please note that the evaluation concerns all clinical research, not only those funded through ALF funds. In parallel with this evaluation, the National Board of Health and Welfare's evaluation of university healthcare will be ongoing.

You can contact the project managers for Uppsala’s internal work with the evaluation via the email address: alf.medfarm@uu.se.

Frequently asked questions about the evaluation of the quality of clinical research

Basis for the evaluation

Read the material that ALF Region Uppsala has so far submitted to the Swedish Research Council.

Research infrastructures mentioned in the documentation
Description of the ALF collaborative organisation of Region Uppsala

Information meetings

In November and December 2021, Uppsala University, Uppsala University Hospital and Region Uppsala held three information meetings on the evaluation of clinical research and university healthcare. In March 2022, they held three meetings for the researchers who received a survey from the Swedish Research Council. 

Evaluation of the quality of clinical research and the university hospital


The National Board of Health and Welfare's decision on minimum levels that university healthcare should achieve

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Clinical research evaluated – “A large part of the ALF funding depends on our results”

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