Experimental Game Study

SALVe Cohort, or "Genes and the Environment - Psychiatric and somatic health among adolescents in Västmanland, is a research project that started in 2012 and which, for 20 years, will follow adolescents born in 1997 and 1999 in Västmanland, who participate in the study.

Between 2017 and 2019 we run an experimental sub-study, in which 200 participants were randomly selected to be offered participation in the experimental in-depth study, which deals with gaming behaviour and emotional reactions.

We want to investigate which individuals may be at increased risk of gaming/gambling too much or developing a gaming/gambling addiction. The purpose is to investigate the significance of different genes and environmental factors for gaming behaviour and emotional reactions through different measurements in an experimental environment.

Wireless sensors are attached to the face, one of the hands, and the upper body to measure heart rate, skin conductance, respiratory rate, and body and face movements during the experiment. Participants are rewarded with SEK 1000 in gift checks and also have the opportunity to win up to SEK 600 extra, depending on how they succeed with the gaming assignments.

This is how it works:

  1. A web survey is sent to the participant, to be answered at home
  2. Another questionnaire is answered by the participant in the lab at the Center for Clinical Research
  3. The participant performs four tests on emotional reactions using a computer in the lab
  4. Coffee break
  5. Interview about gambling and addiction
  6. The participant performs three different gaming assignments using a computer in the lab
  7. Saliva samples are taken from participants

Click on the picture below to see film about the study (in Swedish).