Keep in touch with fellow students and Uppsala University

Three students with Uppsala Cathedral in the backgroundWherever you are in Uppsala, Sweden or the world, you can always keep in touch with your fellow students and Uppsala University through an alumni association.

You can find students from the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy all over the world. Through an alumni association, you will have access to a large network and can keep in touch with your fellow students, your field of science and with Uppsala University. You will get information on scientific developments and have the opportunity to participate in your association's events.

Alumnus of the Year at Uppsala University

Each year, Uppsala University awards the title of Alumnus of the Year to an alumnus who has made an outstanding contribution to their professional field, or has accomplished something else worthy of honouring.

Alumnus of the Year is Jenny Larsson. She will be giving her lecture “An ecosystem of technology and people – for sustainable progress” on 8 October.

Read more about Alumnus of the Year and watch the lecture

Alumni associations in medicine, pharmacy, health, and care


An association for alumni from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Uppsala University and the former Farmaceutiska institutet in Stockholm as well as employees and former employees at both places.

Farmis’ web page

Master of Science in Medicine

Uppsala sjuksköterskehem (USH)

An association for alumni from the Nursing Programme at Uppsala University.

USH’s web page

Uppsala University Alumni Network

The Uppsala University Alumni Network is a global network for all former students and staff members of Uppsala University.

If you wish, you can join several associations. All you have to do is log in to the Alumni Network and add the associations you wish to join.

Read more about the Uppsala University Alumni Network

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Last modified: 2022-09-20