Second summer

During the second summer, six weeks are spent full time on the project. Contact your supervisor well in advance to agree on a suitable working period. Like the first summer, you get a scholarship of SEK 10,000.

If you are accepted for two summers (22.5 credits), SOFOSKO will end in the autumn after this summer. You are then expected to present your work in a written report as well as in oral form during a seminar series.

At each seminar, four to five students present their projects. After each presentation there will be a discussion. Everyone is allowed to participate in the discussion, but one student will be assigned as opponent and will discuss the work in more detail. Information about the seminars will be sent to those concerned at the beginning of the autumn semester. It is mandatory to participate in the seminars.

To facilitate the planning for the second summer's SOFOSKO activities, we want you to let us know that you are continuing your project. The easiest way to do this is by e-mail to Erik Sandin no later than 1 April.

If you for some reason will not pursue your SOFOSKO project, it is important to inform the course administration as well as your supervisor as soon as possible with a brief comment about the cause.

Last modified: 2022-08-23