SOFOSKO is concluded with written and an oral presentations of the various projects.

Written presentation

Present your work in the format of a scientific paper.

  • The title should catch the main conclusion of your work
  • There should be an introduction that describes the research area in general and the background to the current studies more specifically.
  • References to previous work must be included.
  • The method part should contain enough detail to allow the experiments to be repeated by someone else.
  • Results should be described in both text and figures and/or tables.
  • There should be a discussion section that includes e.g. interpretation of the findings, pros and cons of the methods, how the results relate to previously published data, and what conclusions can be drawn.
  • You must also include an abstract that summarizes the report in approximately 200-300 words.

It is important that you involve your supervisor in the process and allow time for fedback and revision. The supervisor should give clear sign before you submit the final version to the course administration. Please note that the 10 or 16 summer weeks shall be devoted to laboratory work and that you prepare your presentation outside that period.

Oral presentation

Your oral presentation is held in the form of a seminar together with the other SOFOSKO students. Since there are many projects, the will be several seminars. It is mandatory to participate in these seminars, which typically are held one evening per week, 2–3 hours from 5 pm, for about 5 weeks during October and November.

The oral presentation should be 15 minutes, followed by about 10 minutes of discussion.

Opponents are appointed to stimulate the discussion. This means that in addition to your own presentation, you will be the opponent on another presentation. A detailed schedule for the presentations will be sent out at the beginning of the autumn semester.

SOFOSKO 30 HP for medical students

For SOFOSKO 30 credits you present as described above. In addition, you must give a seminar for the colleagues at your host institution, and at some point during the SOFOSKO period you have to attended a dissertation and write a brief summary according to instructions distributed during the course.

If SOFOSKO 30 hp is completed, you do not have to do the otherwise compulsory independent work on the Medical programme. SOFOSKO is considered equivalent and you should not apply to be credited or submit your SOFOSKO work elsewhere than to the SOFOSKO administration.

Last modified: 2022-08-23