First summer

The introductory lecture course begins immediately after the end of the regular spring semester.

The lecture course is approximately two weeks and ends before Midsummer.  After the introduction you will work four weeks with your specific research project.

How you spend the four weeks largely depends on your supervisor and the laboratory's activities. It is important to contact your supervisor and agree on a plan well in advance.


The introductory course contains some basic information about research training, laboratory work, publication, ethics, etc. There will also be a number of scientific presentations aiming to provide an overview of ongoing research at the different departments. One of the days is devoted to a specific scientific topic that varies between the years. 


The introductory course is compulsory and keeps you occupied between approximately 9 am and 3 pm, sometimes a bit longer and sometimes a little shorter. 

The practical research work requires full-time commitment. Working hours may vary depending on the needs of the project but you should be prepared for long days and irregular hours. Do not expect to have time for any other job in parallel with the research practice.


The scholarship is paid in two installments. The first half comes in the middle of June and the rest after you have started the laboratory work.

Last modified: 2022-08-23