To be eligible to apply, you must attend the Pharmacy, Biomedicine or Medical programs at Uppsala University.

Selection criteria

Since SOFOSKO spans over up to two years, you should not have reached too far in your education. At the same time, subject knowledge and experience from laboratory work during regular education is an important merit. In practice, this means that most admitted pharmacy students have studied 4–6 semesters, biomedicine students 2–4 semesters and medical students 2–5 semesters. Results from the regular education are checked to avoid admitting students with obvious study problems.

In your application you must explain your motivation, which is carefully examined. It is an advantage if you can demonstrate, or document, a genuine research interest.


In the application you are asked to rank five projects from the project list. The projects are  distributed with the aim to give as many applicants as possible as highly prioritized projects as possible. Medical and biomedical students are mainly assigned to the projects at the Faculty of Medicine, and pharmacy students to those at the Faculty of Pharmacy, but there are also a number of projects where the study background is not that important.

If you are already active in a research group, it is possible to apply with your own project instead of ranking projects from the list. Your project should be clearly preclinical and conducted at a department within the Disciplinary domain of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University. Having your own project may be an advantage, but provides no guarantee that you will be admitted.

Since there are typically many more applicants than available projects, some will not be assigned a project and others may be asked to consider a different project than those applied to. It is common with many applications for the same project or the same supervisor. A supervisor may have several projects in the list. Usually students are allocated so that each supervisor receives no more than one SOFOSKO student, but exceptions are sometimes made depending on project availability.

Last modified: 2022-08-23