Research schools

At the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy there are several research schools.

Summer Research School, SOFOSKO

The course is designed to increase interest in preclinical research among students on the programmes in medicine, biomedicine, and pharmacy. It provides the opportunity to try out conducting research with one of the Faculty’s many research groups for two or three summers. Those admitted take a two-week introductory research course in the first summer. The course is given fulltime in June and finishes before Midsummer Day. For the rest of that summer admitted students work with their project for four more weeks. This period can be scheduled to suite the student and supervisors. In the second summer this project continues for 6 weeks, fulltime. SOFOSKO is normally completed during the autumn following the second summer, when the various projects are reported at seminars and in writing. However, medical students have the option of extending SOFOSKO a further summer so the course can count for required credit as independent in-depth work. Students admitted to SOFOSKO receive SEK 10,000 as a scholarship each summer for two years.

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ULLA Summer School

ULLA was founded in 1992 as a European consortium for (postgraduate) training in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. The name ULLA comes from the cities where the founding universities are located, namely Uppsala, London, Leiden and Amsterdam.

An important part of ULLA is to organise a summer school for PhD students every two years.

The summer school enables PhD students to broaden their knowledge of important issues regarding, for example, drug discovery, drug development, and the economic and management issues that the industry faces today and tomorrow. Equally important, however, is that the PhD students have a unique opportunity to have a great time and to create an international network.

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National Research School in Clinical and Translational Cancer Research

Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University offer the National Research School in Clinical and Translational Cancer Research  (NatiOn). The objective is to provide a custom-tailored package of courses as a knowledge base for future clinical researchers in the field of cancer.

The educational programme comprises a total of 20 weeks of fulltime study (30 higher education credits) and covers three years, divided into five or six blocks of two to five weeks. The programme primarily covers molecular oncology and research methods for clinically active individuals in the field of cancer.

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Last modified: 2022-08-23