Quality assurance of higher education

During the period 2017-2022, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) applies an evaluation model consisting of:

  • Audits of the quality assurance work of the higher education institutions.
  • Training evaluations.
  • Thematic evaluations.
  • Examinations of the diplomas.

What distinguishes the model is that the higher education institutions and the UKÄ have a joint responsibility for the quality assurance of higher education. All programmes must be covered by quality assurance. This is partly done through the institutions' responsibility to ensure the quality of the education they offer themselves, and partly by the UKÄ evaluating a selection of programmes at the first, second and third-cycle levels.

The models of the disciplinary domain

The Disciplinary Domains of Medicine and Pharmacy has, based on the overall model of Uppsala University, developed a detailed description of forms and procedures for quality assurance, quality development and evaluation, as well as a timetable.

Read more about our educational evaluation, ongoing quality assurance procedures and completed programme evaluations.

If you are employed at the disciplinary domain and need tips or instructions on how to work with evaluation, you can read more here.

Work with quality evaluation

Last modified: 2022-10-28