A poster is more of an advertisement for your investigation than a complete presentation. It should not take longer than 10 minutes to read and understand the entire poster, preferably even less. Simplify and highlight what is most important.

The easiest way to make your poster is with a template in PowerPoint. The title is your main message. Use short subtitles that divide up the text and provide a quick overview. Start with the most important, use images rather than text and attach business cards to your poster and preferably also flyers with additional information.

Use horizontal formats, if possible. Always avoid text at knee height. Use fonts without serifs (feet): large text (like on a poster) should be written with fonts like these (Arial or Helvetica or similar) while small text (like in papers) should have serifs (for example Times New Roman) to give the eye a “line” to follow.

If the title is no longer than one (1) line, you can use UPPERCASE LETTERS, otherwise, and for all other text, use lowercase letters. There is an example of a poster distribution at the end of the booklet.

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