Popular science papers

In a popular science paper you use a completely different outline and style than in a scientific paper. Write it as a newspaper article: a powerful title with a main message and an introduction that builds on the title and explains what is interesting about it. Start with the most interesting and tangible, your paper competes with other articles about the favour of the readers. If you fail to spark their interest with the title (firstly) and the introduction (secondly), the battle is lost. So put a real effort into them.

Avoid professional language. Write with a simple, everyday language, in short sentences. Use metaphors, simple figures and illustrations. Write from your own perspective and in first person. Strive at all times to keep the interest of the readers. Details, methods and complicated reasoning can conclude the paper. However, you may want to save a small treat or a thought, that points forward, as a final conclusion, so that the reader feels “satisfied” after reading.

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