Introduction and aims

Introduction (“Why?”)

In the introductory section you present the problem area/background, briefly explain the hypotheses behind the study and what has been done in the area (your own and others’ investigations), with sources of the information. Divide the material into subdivisions (paragraphs), possibly with sub-headings. In this section you can also define terms.

It is very important that you constantly evaluate and assess if what you include in the introduction is essential to the content of the report. The most common mistake is to write too much general background information that is not relevant.

You should also write something about why you feel what you have researched is of value.


The purpose of the study can either be stated as the last paragraph under “Introduction”, with or without a sub-heading, or as a separate part under the heading “Purpose”. The purpose, or goal, must be defined as clearly as possible, preferably in the form of the hypotheses you have tested (“to study …” is not enough). If you have multiple goals with the study, try to order them as logical as possible – this will make it easier for both your own writing and the reader. Sometimes it is a good idea to specify a general purpose followed by specific research goals. However, the purpose should not include more than a few sentences.

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Last modified: 2021-06-16