Laboratory journal checklist

To help you keep a lab journal, use the checklist below, which should be reviewed after each laboratory session until the routine has been established. Separate instructions on what should be included in the notes may vary on different courses. If anything is unclear, ask the laboratory supervisors. During the course of your education, you may sometimes get feedback on how your notes are kept, either by a student or a teacher.

Checklist – For each question, state what you have included in the lab journal notes during the latest laboratory session.

Refers to lab session:




Entered the name of the experiment with page reference in the register?

Date, name of experiment at the top of the current page?

Risk analysis conducted and noted?

Notes (text and numbers) that are legible for other people than the lab student?

Notes on the original data from measurements such as weighing, read values, etc. written directly in the lab journal?

Description of the execution that (combined with the instruction referred to) is clear?

References to laboratory compendium/instructions, standard operating procedures, apparatus instruction, articles, course book, etc., where appropriate?

Experiment descriptions with time, apparatus settings and/or observations and notes about any deviations from the planned sequence of events?

Important data noted that identifies chemicals used (including batch number and CAS number)?

Schematic diagrams of equipment setups and/or planned stages, where applicable?

Calculations during execution of the laboratory session?

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Last modified: 2021-07-14