Programme goals for Bachelor of Science Programme in Pharmacy

To obtain a degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, you must demonstrate the knowledge and ability required as a prescriptionist.

Knowledge and understanding

You should demonstrate

  • Knowledge of the area’s scientific basis and insight into current research and development work, as well as knowledge of the relationship between science and proven experience, and the importance of the relationship for professional practice.
  • Knowledge of drug information, drug counseling and drug evaluation, thereby contributing to rational and optimal drug use.
  • Knowledge of the development, testing and use of drugs in a national and international perspective.
  • Knowledge of relevant regulations.

Skills and abilities

You should demonstrate

  • The ability to apply scientific documentation and to search, evaluate and critically interpret relevant information in order to analyzs and solve drug-related problems.
  • The ability to use your knowledge to handle various situations, phenomena and issues based on the needs of individuals and groups.
  • The ability to work with teams and collaborate with other professional groups.
  • The ability to inform of and discuss new facts, phenomena and issues with different groups and thereby contribute to the development of the profession and the business.

Evaluation ability and approach

You should demonstrate

  • Self-awareness and empathic ability.
  • The ability to work in both the pharmaceutical field and healthcare with a holistic view of people and an ethical approach with special regard for human rights.
  • The ability for a professional approach.
  • The ability to identify your need for additional knowledge and to continuously develop your skills.

Local goals for the Bachelor of Science Programme in Pharmacy at Uppsala University

In addition to the above goals in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, you should demonstrate

  • Knowledge of the composition, manufacture, function and use of the drugs.
  • The ability for health promotion on an individual, group and community level.
  • Knowledge of sustainable development in the pharmaceutical field.