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Professional Development and Skills Training at the Faculty of Pharmacy (PUFF) aims to ensure the content and progression of skills training and professional development at the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Pharmacy programmes.

The educational elements are intended to ensure you fulfill the degree objectives, primarily related to skills and abilities, but also to evaluation and attitudes.

The Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Pharmacy programmes consist of subject-related courses as well as cross-curricular courses in professional development (PU courses). Skills training is available in both subject courses and PU courses. The skills training should follow the progression of the programmes in a consistent way.

Programme goals for Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy
Programme goals for Bachelor of Science Programme in Pharmacy


Progression in skills training is achieved partly through course objectives with increased complexity and/or using grading criteria with increased requirements, and partly through feedback and self-evaluation. Feedback can be given from teachers, fellow students, co-ordinators + reference groups, language workshops or alumni – on specially developed forms. Self-evaluation is an obvious part in improving your abilities and of “demonstrating self-awareness , developing a professional approach and identifying your need for additional knowledge and continually developing your skills” (see the programme objectives for the Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy programmes).

Progression in laboratory work is achieved through self-evaluation and feedback as well, but also through the evaluation of practical aspects. By using an individual and joint programme laboratory journal, joint safety regulations/routines and laboratory report templates, as well as checklists for various elements linked to laboratory work, the progression work is facilitated.