Checklist for group meetings while work is ongoing, individual


How accurate are the following statements?

To some degree To a great degree
About your own effort: 1 2 3 4
I have acquainted myself with the subject area.
I have expressed my points of view.
I feel that my opinions are respected.
I think the others have felt that I respect their opinions.
I have taken a reasonable amount of responsibility for planning and conducting the work.
About the group:
We agree on the goal and level of ambition for the group work.
We have clearly defined each person’s responsibility for the final product.
I am satisfied with my role in the group.
I feel like everyone in the group has taken responsibility.
Everyone has cooperated and contributed to planning and conducting the joint work.
There has been a good atmosphere in the group.
We stay focused when we work.

This is how I would describe my role in the group and how the group has worked so far:

I’d like of us to improve this during the rest of the group work:

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