Checklist for laboratory work in groups

What is the purpose of the laboratory session?

  • What are we supposed to learn?
  • What skills should we train and develop?
  • What parts of the course is the assignment based on?

What does the assessment/evaluation look like?

  • What criteria will be used when we are assessed/examined?
  • What does a passed lab report or a passed with credit lab report look like?
  • How will individual efforts be assessed?
  • What happens if not all members pull their own weight?

How do we plan and divide the practical work?

  • Are there any particular elements in the session that we need to plan and distribute?
  • Who does what?
  • Does everyone get a reasonable amount of work and appropriate responsibilities?

How do we collaborate during the laboratory session?

  • How do we best cooperate during this laboratory session?
  • Are there continuous reconciliations within the group?
  • Does everyone share what they have done?
  • Does everyone show interest in the different parts of the laboratory session?

How do we plan the lab report writing?

  • Who does what?

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