Checklist for group meetings while work is ongoing


Statement Agree Disagree
It was clear who took responsibility for leading/directing the discussion.
It was clear who kept the minutes/took notes.
We made it clear to each other what we would achieve.
We formulated a clear strategy for how to work.
We stayed focused on the topic.
We worked through the items systematically.
We planned appropriately so that each item was given enough time.
Everyone was allowed to speak about the same amount of time.
We listened to each other.
We built on each other's ideas.
The discussion was sufficiently structured.
The discussion was fruitful.
We had fun/it was pleasant during the discussion.

Something that worked well and that we will repeat next time:

Something that we will do differently next time:

Inspired by G. Gibbs (1994) Learning in Teams. A Student Manual (Oxford Brookes University)

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