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Nordic University Health Hub is now available with more than 200 teaching materials online!

In a Nordic collaboration led by the University of Copenhagen, a web-based platform for sharing educational resources has been developed. Since October 2018, three partner universities from Uppsala, Bergen and Copenhagen have shared over 200 different so-called Open Educational Resources, OER, with an initial focus on global health. OER is a common term for digital teaching materials, such as videos, photos, animations, articles, cases, essay questions, and educational datasets, all of which are accessible to everyone, just as scientific articles published as Open Access, OA.

Nordic University Health Hub particularly meets two challenges: 1) that many teachers do not have the time or financial resources to develop teaching materials themselves and 2) that the individual universities cannot be as strong in all subject areas. Direct access to educational material from different partners therefore has the potential to increase the quality of the individual institution. At the same time, one can optimize resource consumption in the transition from traditional lectures to more active learning, where one typically combines attendance teaching with online activities.

That there are great similarities between the different universities' education in the Nordic project makes it easier to match materials for their own needs - and even better if more Nordic partners come along.

More new partners coming
Universities in Oslo and Umeå as well as other Nordic universities have already signed up as potentially interested partners, which means that in addition to using other people's material, they can contribute their own.

During the short time that the hub has existed, material has been downloaded and shared by, among others, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Trondheim, the University of Bergen, the University of Iceland. Tblisi State University and Uppsala University have used materials in studies in global health, public health science and medicine.

OER promotes active learning
In addition to material sharing, Nordic University Health Hub offers the opportunity to collaborate on the development of materials, methods and joint teaching activities. This form of co-creation, based on OER, is called open training practice (OEP) and can, for example, be done by teachers who improve and update each other's materials and share the latest version on the platform.

The hub also offers a so-called LTI integration that enables teachers to integrate material directly from the hub to their own university's LMS, eg. Studium.

All materials at Nordic University Health Hub are registered as OER with a Creative Commons or public domain license, which guarantees the teachers' copyright while others allow to copy, distribute and use and customize the material in selected ways.
OER in stable global growth

Nordic University Health Hub is located on the global platform, where you will also find material from a large number of other private and public institutions, eg. universities M.I.T. and the University of Oxford. has been around since 2007; the year when teachers from all over the world gathered in Cape Town and announced the so-called Capetown Open Education Declaration. Since then, the use of OER according to the OECD has steadily increased and has in many places affected education systems and education policies.

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