Vetenskapsområdet för medicin och farmaci

Young Scientist Satellite Conference

19-21 May 2017 the Young Scientist Satellite Conference will take place at Uppsala University. This meeting is an opportunity for PhD-students and post-docs to meet, discuss and present their science. Registration is open!

Time: 19-21 May 2017
Venue: Biomedicinskt Centrum, Husargatan 3 (map)
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Young Scientist Satellite Conference

The Young Scientist Satellite Conference of the Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress is an exciting occasion for PhD-students and post-docs to meet, discuss and present their science in many forms such as oral sessions, poster sessions and workshops. This will also be an opportunity to gain knowledge from the experts attending the PSWC.

At the conference, young scientists will be given the opportunity to present their research in three different tracks:

  • Fundamental & translational science and targeting sciences
  • Drug delivery, formulation and manufacturing sciences
  • Regulatory sciences and science-based practice

In addition to these tracks, there will be workshops where you as an attendee will be provided with training that can sharpen your skills and help you towards successful research. By discussing pressing issues with your peers and key people in medicines research we hope that you, the next generation of pharmaceutical scientists, will be given the tools to tackle the challenges of the future.